Sunday, January 4, 2009


This Blog has been created out of a passion for film review. But more than passion this blog has been created out of a necessity for universal guidelines and standards in the art of film review. Film review today lacks universal principles from which to judge and critique movies. Every film critic has his or her own grading style and many use unique grading scales, therefore, film review is lacking a solid foundation and a universal set of rules and principals for how to grade films. This blog will not only provide film reviews for the individual reader but even more important a paper defining a universal grading scale for films that defines what each grade means and why a film would receive that particular grade. Furthermore, this blog will provide a paper defining and explaining universal ingredients that make up the nature of good films in order to provide the reader with logical evidence to back up the arguments and final grade found in a particular review. All of this is aimed at bringing logical consistency to film review and to introduce quantifiable processes for grading and critiquing films.